I'm a sunny girl ,responsible, reliable, precise and eager to learn and grow both humanly and professionally. I like working in a team and being a positive element for everyone. I'm very musical and i quickly learn and memorize the instructions given , i pick up the corrections and i never give up,even if the situation is really hard. I'm always ready to work hard because i'm sure that,like this, i'll have great results and i can achive my goals. I can't wait to live my dreams in the dance world.
I'm 158 cm tall.
I dance because i can connect directly with my heart and with my soul, i can express myself 100% , i can be myself 100% ,i feel stronger than ever as soon as i start dancing and  i  really love being on the stage. I love every single part of a performance...i love the adrenaline and the fast heart beat behind the curtain 10 seconds before going on stage, i love the world i'm into it when i start dancing, following the music,  the breath and the heart and connect my energy with the audience's energy...It's hard to explain with words what i feel but it's pure love and magic and i'm sure about it. I know that dance will be with me forever...it's part of me. The young woman i am now, it's also because of dance...